What is Rogers PCB board pcb?

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What is Rogers PCB board pcb?

What is Rogers PCB board pcb?

Rogers board PCB is a high frequency PCB material by Rogers, which is different from the traditional FR-4 material. Rogers PCB does not contain epoxy resin, high frequency PCB using Rogers ceramic PCB. Rogers PCB has excellent dielectric constant and temperature stability. The thermal expansion coefficient of Rogers PCB dielectric constant is very consistent with the thermal expansion rate of copper foil, which can be used to improve the shortcomings of PTFE substrate. It is ideal for high-speed PCB and high-speed PCB designs, as well as commercial microwave antenna and RF product applications. Due to the extremely low water absorption of Rogers PCB, it can be used as an ideal choice for applications in high humidity environments, providing customers in the high-frequency PCB industry with the highest quality Rogers PCB and related resources to fundamentally manage quality PCB quality.

What are the features of Rogers substrate PCB?

1.     Good rigidity, good mechanical and electrical properties, easy to metallize the holes.

2.     High accuracy for Rogers PCB board thickness.

3.     Rogers substrate PCB has good copper adhesion, high heat dissipation, good stripping strength, no delamination and foaming phenomenon.

4.     The processing cost of Rogers PCB is compatible with FR-4 processing technology, but the material cost is high.

5.     Rogers baseboard PCB is the most stable material in the industry. It has the characteristics of low dielectric loss and low water absorption, and the dielectric constant (DK) varies steadily with frequency. It has a low exhaust rate in aerospace applications. It is widely used in high-reliability, aerospace and defense applications or harsh environment applications.


What are the Rogers substrate PCB series?

3000 series (PTFE+ ceramic /PTFE+ ceramic glass fiber, DK=3.0-10.2) : RO3003, RO3003G2, RO3035, RO3006, RO3010, RO3203, RO3206, RO3210

4000 series (hydrocarbon + Teflon, DK=3.38-6.15) : Rogers RO4350B, Rogers 4003, RO4835, RO4360G2

Hydrocarbon + Teflon + ceramic glass fiber, DK=3.3-3.5 : RO4533, RO4534, RO4535, RO4725JXR, RO4730JXR, RO4730G3

5000 series (Fiberglass + Teflon, DK=1.96-2.33) : Rogers 5880 pcb, RT/ carbide 5880LZ, RT/ Hard alloy 5870

6000 series, suitable for electronic and microwave circuits requiring high dielectric constants.

Teflon + ceramics, DK=2.94-10.2): RT/ cemented carbide 6002, RT/ cemented carbide data 6202PR

TMM series (hydrocarbon + ceramics, DK=3.27-12.85) : TMM3, TMM4, TMM10, TMM10i, TMM13i

Others: Kappa 438

Prepreg: RO4450B, RO4450F

Adhesive film: 2929, 3001, ULTRALAM3908, RO3003, RO3006, RO3010, RT/ cemented carbide 6002

What is the difference between Rogers PCB and FR4 PCB

1.    The price is the first difference to consider between Rogers PCB and FR4 PCB. The ultimate goal of any PCB manufacturer is to deliver a cost-effective PCB prototype with the best performance. The FR4 PCB prototype is the most affordable PCB prototype on the market. If your design is optimal for low frequency and rated temperature settings, then it would be wise to use an FR4 PCB prototype. If your application requires high-speed PCB or extreme temperatures, you may have to ignore the price of Rogers PCBS and choose expensive Rogers PCB prototypes.

2.    Impedance stability is another difference between FR4 PCB and the Rogers PCB. The dielectric constant of Rogers substrate printed circuit board is one of the important factors that determine the impedance and stability of printed circuit board. The higher the dielectric constant of Rogers PCB abacus, the higher the impedance stability. Although FR4 is the cheapest PCB material, its maximum dielectric value is 4.5. Roger PCB has a higher and wider range of dielectric values, such as Rogers PCB permittivity from 2.2 to 16.

3.    Thermal management is also the difference between the Rogers PCB and the FR4 PCB. In high-speed PCB applications, PCB prototypes generate significant heat that must be handled carefully with a good heat management system. In this case, the thermostat-based laminate in Rogers PCB is the best choice. FR4 PCB cannot withstand high temperatures, so they cannot be used in these applications.

4.    The dissipation coefficient represents the signal loss in the PCB. Rogers PCB have much lower signal losses compared to FR4 PCB. FR4 PCB has a loss factor of 0.02%, while Rogers PCB has a loss factor of 0.004%. As a result, Rogers PCB can provide reliable results with minimal electrical signal losses compared to FR4 PCB.

The application and performance of Rogers PCB is based on overall performance. FR4 PCB is considered the lowest-cost PCB, while Rogers baseboard PCB excel in performance. As a result, FR4 PCB is best suited for mid - and low-frequency applications. They are rugged, have a good balance in terms of electrical stability, and can be easily manufactured in almost any existing process in the PCB industry. Roger substrate PCB is suitable for applications with advanced performance requirements.

Rogers PCB is widely used in high-frequency PCB and high reliability fields such as microwave communications, 5g, and military radar.


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