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Multilayer PCB manufacturing
SEEKPCB can manufacture up to 48 layers of rigid printed circuit board, line width/spacing 45/45um, the minimum mechanical hole is 0.1mm, and the copper thickness can reach 12OZ. We specialize in products with difficult challenges, back drills and embedded copper blocks, and cavities are our strong technology.
In addition, SEEKPCB specializes in multilayer PCB quick turn service, which can be manufactured within 24 hours at the earliest.
Full Time Employees
PCB Output Monthly
PCB Expert
An ideal multi layer pcb manufacturer must have rich experience, fast response, excellent service, and stable quality.
Stable Quality
Stable quality comes from a systematic quality management system, from materials to shipment, SEEKPCB has very strict management, all products are 100% tested.
Exceptional Service
SEEKPCB provides quick turn multilayer PCB prototype, and there is no MOQ limitation, our professional service team can make communication more efficient, and our logistics are very mature.
Rich PCB Experience
SEEKPCB integrates PCB design and assembly into PCB manufacturing, making the product more stable, reasonable, and more cost-effective.
SEEKPCB's  Facility
SEEKPCB constantly invests in new equipment for higher automation and better efficiency, so as to provide competitive prices and stable quality to customers
Multilayer PCB Manufacturing Techniques of SEEKPCB
Circuit Graphic
Min 45/45um Line
Max 12OZ Copper
Min BGA 0.15mm
Surface Finish
Immersion Gold/Tin/Silver
Hard/Soft Gold/Gold Finger
Min 0.1mm Through Hole 
Back Drill/Counterbore
Resin/Copper Fill/VIPPO
Solder Mask
Peelable Mask
Kapton Tape
Multilayer Pcb Board Cases
Our Multilyer PCB Capability
Subject Our Capability

Material Type 

CEM-1, CEM-3, FR4, High Speed, High Frequency
Multilayer PCB Type Conventional, HDI PCB, Hybird Lamination, Cavity, Embedded 
Layer  1-48L
Impedance Control +/- 8% 
Copper Thickness 1OZ - 12OZ
Total Thickness 0.075 - 10mm
Min. line width/spacing 45um/45um
Min Hole Diameter 0.1mm
Max. board Dimension 600*1500mm
Solder Mask Green, Black, White, Red, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Blue
Via Plug Copper Fill, Resin Fill, POFV, VIPPO, Solder Mask Plug
Special Hole Blind Hole, Blind Slot, T-Hole, T-Slot, Counter Sink Hole, Cup Hole, Counterbore
Surface treatment OSP, ENIG,Plating Silver, ENEPIG, Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin, Hard Gold
Outline Tooling Punching, CNC Routing, V-CUT, Laser Routing   +/-0.05mm
One Stop PCB Solutions
Extra PCB Assembly Service
SEEKPCB provides PCB turn key and partial turn key services to simplify the electronics supply chain management. 
From PCB to PCB Assembly with test, IC programing, aging, and case assembly, SEEKPCB also provides customers with component procurement management services.
SEEKPCB has a complete range of testing equipment, SPI, FAI, online AOI, FCT, 3D Xray, which can ensure the reliability and stability of the PCBA we made.
At present, we can batch SMT 01005 components, the largest placement size reaches 600*500mm, basically can cover the vast majority of electronic products

Any Need To Consulting PCBA With Us! Get Free Do It.
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SEEKPCB is specializing in electronics one stop solution, including PCB design, PCB manufacturing, PCB Assembly, Component sourcing. Quick turn PCB prototype, express PCB assembly are our strengths to fullfil fast time-to-market and your vitory.

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