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IC Substrate Solution From China

SEEKPCB is one of the ic substrate manufacturers being involved in IC substrates since 2018, from the initial LED substrates, to fingerprint substrates, Memory storage substrates and RF substrates, SEEKPCB continues to improve the manufacturing process of packaging substrates, MSAP with minimum line 15um, Laser minimum through hole 0.05mm, coreless ultra-thin substrate, ETS high-consistency line embedded substrate, leadless gold plating NPL, our products cover LGA, BGA, CSP substrate, and strive to work towards Flip Chip substrate.

IC Substrate Quick Turn Prototype

IC substrate prototype quick turn is a unique service of SEEKPCB, we have a quick turn IC substrate service team and mature process, can provide customers with fast IC substrate delivery services.

IC substrate is often referred to as BT substrate because the main material of IC substrate is called BT (Bismaleimide Triazine).

SEEKPCB has a large number of Mitsubishi BT materials and Taiyo substrate solder mask, which can meet the product needs of most customers, at the same time greatly reduce the waiting time for material. 

From a technical point of view and material reserves, SEEKPCB is the best choice for your IC substrate development and marketization.

SEEKPCB IC Substrate Applications
Mini LED
Micro LED 1010
Micro LED 0606
Saw/BAW Filter
PA(Power Amplifier)
EMMC Substrate 
TF/SD Substrate
DDR Substrate
Finger Print
Other Senors
IC Substrate We Do
The ic substrate definition is a PCB used in IC or component packaging, which is mainly used to carry wafers and form pins for subsequent SMT.
LGA Substrate
CSP Substrate​​​​​​​
BGA substrate
FC BGA substrate
China IC Substrate Factory 
SEEKPCB's IC substrate manufacturing capability comes from a professional technical team, through material verification, production process improvement, technology development, SEEKPCB has been competent for MSAP mass production, combined with microvias and bonding pad technology, we have been supplying BGA, LGA, CSP packaging substrates in large quantities. 
In addition, we are also validating the SAP process technology to achieve a breakthrough in the Flip Chip package substrate.
 Key Strengths In Substrate 
  • Full-process IC Substrate production​​​​​​​
    Capable of MSAP process, All process in house. Full range of bonding surface treatments including Electroplated soft gold/silver/Tin and ENEPIG. At the same competent for electroplating hard gold.
  • Quick Turn IC Substrate Prototype
    Independent sample production lines and dedicated personnel follow up to meet the expedited requirements of IC Substrate samples
  • Abundant stock of BT materials
    Including Mitsubishi, Doosan, Hitachi and some other China brand BT material, thickness range from 0.05mm to 0.25mm is always available
SEEKPCB's IC Substrate Facility
ICS Design Guidline
Our capability may not be the best, but our ability to cooperate and attitude are worthy of recognition.

IC Substrate Roadmap


Total Thickness


2L ETS Structure


3L Coreless Structure


Fine Pattern - Bump


Fine Pattern - Wire Bond Finger and Trace


Solder Resist


BU Layer Via/Land


Raw Material Roadmap

Any Need To Consulting IC Substrate With Us! Get Free Do It.
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SEEKPCB is specializing in electronics one stop solution, including PCB design, PCB manufacturing, PCB Assembly, Component sourcing. Quick turn PCB prototype, express PCB assembly are our strengths to fullfil fast time-to-market and your vitory.

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