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Multiple PCB Solutions
SEEKPCB provide full range PCB solutions to fullfil your different PCB type, simplify your PCB supply chain and reduce your management cost and risk between complicated communications. 
Flexible Support
SEEKPCB accept all kinds of PCB order even 1 pcs only, no MOQ regulation, besides, PCB quick turn service are well supported with minimum 12 hours delivery for your fast time to market.
Reliable Quality
SEEKPCB guarantees the PCB quality by systematic DFM check, strict process quality control, various reliablility test instruments. All PCB we produced are 100% tested and inspected before shipment.
Efficient Comunication
Our service team includes sales, sales assistants, engineers, and quality guys who are proficient in English and have years of work experience. It is a way to  reduce errors, improve efficiency, and thus lower costs.
Years in PCB industry
Independent Factories
Full Time Employees
Models Monthly
Active Cusomters

Independent factories are responsible for different PCBs​​​​​​​

SEEKPCB has three factories for different type of PCBs. Clear factory functional positioning creates better technology, quality, and delivery.
  • Heavy Copper PCB Factory
    Jiangmeng Factory
    This factory is responsible for IC Substrate, HDI, FPC and rigid Flex PCB. With elaborately designed production line and HIgh End facilities.
  • IC Substrate Factory
    Huizhou Factory
    Responsible for Multilayer and Metal Core PCB. Capable of heavy copper PCB, aluminum & copper based PCB,
  • Low Volume PCB production
    Shenzhen Factory
    Independant for quick turn and High Mix Lower Volume PCB production. Monthly output over 3000 models.

Full PCB Production
Our technology is synchronized with the customer's design, and our solutions can achieve different design concepts, such as ultra-thin, precision circuits, efficient heat dissipation, and signal integrity.

Just me let me know your idea of PCB Design, the rest will be left to SEEKPC
Full PCB Production
ultra-thin Full PCB Production
efficient heat dissipation PCB Production
The More SEEKPCB Can Give To You
SEEKPCB knows how to make electronic things easier and better in supper competitive ways.
PCB Design/Layout
Design PCB  with high manufacturability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness based on the schematic diagram, allowing all initiative to be pre-set.
 PCB Assembly
Supporting PCB assembly services in conjunction with self-produced PCBs reduce problems during the assembly process, improve production efficiency and product reliability.
Component Sourcing
Rich and legitimate component channel resources simplify complex component procurement channels and platforms. We also provide  warehousing and management services.
Not only PCB, Any Electronic Needs To Consult With Us! Get Free Do It.
B206, Xihuan Road, Shajing, Baoan district, Shenzhen


SEEKPCB is specializing in electronics one stop solution, including PCB design, PCB manufacturing, PCB Assembly, Component sourcing. Quick turn PCB prototype, express PCB assembly are our strengths to fullfil fast time-to-market and your vitory.

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