Substrate like PCB:Emerging markets and technology outlook

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As a new type of printed circuit board technology, SLP substrate like PCB has attracted increasing attention in the field of electronic equipment manufacturing. We will introduce what is the substrate like PCB, explore its application market and technical characteristics.

一、What is definition and characteristics of Substrate like PCB

SLP substrate like PCB is a printed circuit board similar to the substrate, it has the following characteristics:

1. Ultra-thin design: Compared with traditional printed circuit boards, SLP uses a thinner structural design, which can make electronic devices more thin and light.

2. High-density wiring: Through the use of micro-holes and HDI (high-density interconnection) technology, SLP can achieve higher wiring density and more complex circuit design.

3. Advanced technology: SLP uses advanced manufacturing processes, such as laser drilling, film stacking and multi-layer printing, to improve circuit connection performance and reliability.

二、Substrate like PCB market

Substrate like PCB has a wide range of application prospects in many industries, especially in the following areas:

1. Mobile communication equipment: SLP can be used in mobile communication equipment such as smart phones, tablets and wearable devices to meet the design needs of thinness, high-speed transmission and multi-function.

2. Automotive electronics: In the field of automotive electronics, SLP can be used in in-vehicle entertainment systems, driver assistance systems and intelligent cabins, etc., providing high-density wiring and reliability requirements.

3. Internet and cloud computing: With the rapid development of the Internet and cloud computing, SLP is widely used in servers, network switches and data centers and other equipment to achieve high-speed interconnection and high performance.

三、Development of Substrate like PCB technology

The development of Substrate like PCB technology is mainly concentrated in the following aspects:

1. Material innovation: In order to achieve higher wiring density and thinner structural design, SLP uses advanced materials such as thin film polyimide (PI) and flexible substrate.

2. Manufacturing process improvement: SLP's manufacturing process is constantly improved, such as the use of laser drilling technology, film stacking technology and multi-layer printing, to improve manufacturing efficiency and product quality.

3. Seekpcb has started to invest and produce SLP substrate like pcb and has certain technical strength and market share in this field.


As a new printed circuit board technology, Substrate like PCB has the characteristics of ultra-thin design, high-density circuit and advanced manufacturing technology. It has a wide range of application markets in the fields of mobile communication equipment, automotive electronics, Internet and cloud computing. With the continuous development of technology and the input of manufacturers, SLP will further promote the innovation and development of electronic devices.

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