Quick turn pcb

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What is quick turn pcb fabrication?

Quick turn pcb fabrication refers to the process of verifying the correctness and feasibility of circuit design by quickly making samples after the PCB design is completed. Compared with the normal board, quick turn pcb is characterized by rapid, small batch production, due to the shortening of the manufacturing leadtime and the reduction of quantity requirements, the manufacturing cost of quick turn pcb boards is relatively high, suitable for emergency projects and small batch production.

The production process of quick turn pcb mainly includes the following steps

1.    PCB design documents provided by customers.

2.    Quick turn pcb experts to review and modify the design documents provided by customers.

3.    Make pcb samples.

4.    Make inspection and evaluation for the samples.

5.    The customer confirms whether the PCB sample meets the requirement.

Advantages for the design and development of electronic products

1.    Fast turn production: high-quality PCB samples can be produced in a short time, greatly shortening the time of product design and development.

2.    High efficiency: it can greatly improve the efficiency of product development, and provide more opportunities and time for electronic product design and development.

3.    High accuracy: PCB samples can be accurately produced to meet customer needs, ensuring product quality and stability.

4.    Wide range of applications, can be used in various fields of electronic products, and can meet the various needs of customers for PCB samples, such as single layer, double layer, multi-layer board and other different types of PCB sample production.

What is the application of quick turn circuit boards?

1.    Urgent projects: When customers need to urgently complete a project, fast turn pcb can quickly produce samples for circuit testing and verification, thereby shortening the project cycle.

2.    Small batch production: When customers need to produce a small number of products, quick turn pcb boards can quickly produce a sample for small batch production.

3.    Product development: In the early stages of product development, quick turn pcb can quickly produce circuit boards for testing and verification, thereby improving the efficiency of product development.

4. Delivery time for quick turn circuit boards


What are the requirements of PCB prototype?

1. Fastness: The biggest feature of PCB quick turn is fast speed. For most customers, PCB prototype time is a key factor affecting the progress of their product development. Therefore, the main requirement of PCB quick turn is fast time and fast confirmation of the sample.

2. Precision and quality: PCB quick turn needs to have high precision and high quality. It is usually used in the development process of PCB boards to verify that the circuit schematic design and layout are correct. If the process can not reach the accuracy and quality of the design requirements, it will bring great trouble to the development of the customer's test phase.

3. Must be reproducible: If the PCB quick turn is not reproducible, the rapid manufacturing of the board cannot be achieved. Because it often has design problems, it is key to find and make effective modifications in a short time.

What is the standard of PCB quick turn?

1. Design standard: The design standard of PCB quick turn also follows the design specification of ISO9001 standard. Through good design, you can avoid problems in the process of PCB prototype.

2. Testing standard: The testing standards are also very important, because the evaluation of the testing standards will directly affect the quality of the products produced. Effective testing standards allow problems to be detected at all stages of development in a short time.

3. Production standard: Because it needs fast leadtime, the requirements of production standards are not high, but the operating process of production standards must be complied with to ensure the accuracy and quality of the production process.

In summary, the requirements of PCB quick turn are fast speed, high precision and quality, with redesign. The standard is to follow the ISO9001 design and production standards, and test in strict accordance with the test standards. If you need quick turn services, be sure to choose a professional PCB manufacturer to ensure the success rate of the sample, and in accordance with the above standards for production.

In short, quick turn pcb is a fast, efficient and accurate technology, which can greatly shorten the product design and development cycle, and improve the efficiency and success rate of product development. It has a wide range of applications and can be used in various fields of electronic products. Quick turn pcb has a simple production process and a short production cycle, which can provide customers with high-quality PCB samples and provide more opportunities and time for the design and development of electronic products. No matter fast turn pcb or normal board, SeekPCB is committed to providing high quality products and good service. We have advanced manufacturing equipment and rich experience to meet the different needs of customers. We focus on quality control and on-time delivery to ensure the successful completion of every project. If you have any needs or questions about PCB manufacturing, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with tailor-made solutions based on your specific needs.

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SEEKPCB is specializing in electronics one stop solution, including PCB design, PCB manufacturing, PCB Assembly, Component sourcing. Quick turn PCB prototype, express PCB assembly are our strengths to fullfil fast time-to-market and your vitory.

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