PCB board cost

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一.The PCB circuit board cost is mainly divided into the following points, focusing on unconventional options, high material and production costs, and large price impact.

1. PCB size(unit and panel size)

Common: Board size 50 x 50 mm or above, 300 x 300 mm or below

Unconventional: Round board and abnormal board we will use the stamp hole method (the unit size of the board is less than 50*50MM), and the gong length size over 500*500mm we will purchase special size sheet material, but the utilization rate is low.

2. PCB material (Conventional FR4, high TG, high frequency, high speed, ceramic, aluminum based special material)

Common: FR4 TG135, Shengyi, KB, Goldenmax international

Unconventional: High frequency, High speed, ISOLA, Rogers, aluminum substrate(high thermal conductivity)

3. PCB copper (0.5OZ  1OZ  2OZ  3OZ)

Common: 18um(1/2OZ),35um(1OZ)

Heavy copper: 70um(2OZ),105um(3OZ),140um(4OZ), etc

Conventional double-sided and multilayer copper thickness: 1/1OZ, 1/0.5/0.5/1OZ, 1/1/1/1OZ

Unconventional: 2/2OZ, 2/1/1/2OZ , 2/2/2/2OZ, 3/1/2/3 OZ , 1/2/2/1OZ,( More than 1OZ of copper thickness if the inner layer of copper is not uniform, or less, additional PP is required)

4. PCB thickness (Thin board 0.2-0.8mm, thick board 3-6mm)

Common: 0.8mm, 1.2 mm, 1.6 mm, 2mm

Unconventional: 0.2mm, 0.3 mm, 0.4 mm, 0.5 mm, 2.4 mm, 3mm. (Since the board thickness is not common, it is necessary to check whether there is material on stock, if not, it is necessary to purchase material).

5. PCB layer

Common: single layer, double layer, multilayer

Unconventional: three layer, fake 8layer(to meet the impedance)

6. PCB stack up (Conventional, asymmetrically laminated, multi-core board, multi-PP)

Common: Four layer 1 core +2 PP,  six-layer 2 core +3 PP

Unconventional: Four layer 2 core +1 PP, Six layer (fake eight layer, actual GER is an additional core between the layer 3-4 of six layer board)

7. PCB hole (minimum hole, number of holes, spacing of hole)

Common: The minimum hole size of 0.25mm and within 20 holes/cm2. The spacing of different network holes is 0.3mm, and of the same network is 0.2mm.

Unconventional: Minimum drilling hole below 0.2mm. The hole density is more than 20 holes/cm2, and the spacing of different network holes is 0.25mm, and the spacing of the same network is 0.2mm.

8. PCB circuit line/spacing (minimum line/spacing, impedance)

Common: 3/3mil 0.5OZ,  4/4mil 1OZ,  6/6mil 2OZ,  8/8mil,  3OZ

Unconventional: 2.5/2.5mil 0.5OZ,  3/3mil 1OZ. The smaller the line/spacing, the more the production difficulties, and the higher the scrap rate, as well as the cost will increase.

9. PCB solder resistance (brand and special requirement of the solder resistance)

Common brand: Rongda, Yongsheng

Common soldermask color: green, blue, red, yellow, etc

Unconventional soldermask color: purple, orange

10. Treatment of the through hole(plugged hole or covered by soldermask)

Conventional: solder resistance plugged hole or covered

Unconventional: Resin plug hole, Resin plug hole + electroplate filling (applied to BGA hole design).

11. PCB silkscreen (color, white oil block thickness special control, laser QR code, serial number)

Conventional solder resistance color: black and white

Unconventional solder resistance color: yellow, orange, red

The conventional thickness of the white oil block is 6-12um.

The thickness of the laser QR code white oil block should be 20-40um.

12. PCB surface treatment

Common: OSP , HASL, Immersion gold, (price from low to high)

Unconventional: OSP+Immersion gold, Immersion Tin, Hard gold(goldfinger), Carbon ink

13. PCB delivery time (normal and quick turn)

Common: 2layer sample 4-5days, 4layer and 6layer samples 6-7days, 8layer sample 8-9days

Unconventional: 2layer sample 24-48hours, 4layer 48hours (extra cost for quick turn)

Summarizing the above information, it shows that if we have no special requirements when designing the circuit board, we can give priority to referring to the conventional design, which can effectively reduce the production PCB board cost. It will also improve the yield of batch production.

The unconventional items are customized PCB, and the custom pcb cost are relatively high including the materials and production costs.

二.PCB manufacturing cost

PCB production process is more complicated, usually with inner layer production, blackening, pressing, drilling, plating and other more than 40 processes. Taking rigid circuit boards as an example, they usually include processes such as exposure, etching, copper plating, and film removal. Although the PCB has strong customization characteristics, these most basic processes are necessary, but there will be differences in the specific parameters.

Although the industry has some common basic processes, the most important thing is to determine different production processes and equipment according to the thickness and material of the substrate, the precision requirements of the circuit width and distance, the design structure and production scale, and other special requirements specified by the customer, resulting in a large difference in production prices

In the PCB cost, the proportion of direct material costs usually reaches about 60%, the proportion of direct labor costs usually reaches about 15%, and the proportion of manufacturing costs usually reaches about 25%, so the cost reduction of PCB enterprises is mainly achieved by reducing manufacturing and labor costs. The reduction of manufacturing costs is mainly achieved through automation to improve production efficiency and yield, and the reduction of labor costs is mainly achieved by transferring to the central and western regions.

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