PCB assembly cost

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PCBA mainly includes a series of processes such as component procurement, PCB production, SMT assembly, DIP plug-in and PCBA testing. The processes involved are relatively complex, and the pcb assembly price is also relatively complex.

To understand the PCBA quotation, it is necessary to clarify the composition of the PCBA total cost, and then break down the cost of each part.

What is the PCB assembly cost?

PCBA cost=PCB board fee +PCB test fee +PCB engineering fee (for small batches)+ component procurement cost (part of the increase of 5%)+ SMT/DIP welding fee +PCBA test fee + assembly engineering fee (for small batches)+ special packaging and logistics fee (if required by customers).


What is the section of SMT quotation?

Generally, the quotation of SMT production is calculated according to the unit price of solder joints. At present, the unit price of solder joints is different on the market, from 0.008 to 0.03 RMB/solder joints, which depends on the difficulty of SMT processing and SMT manufacturers' quality control requirements and capabilities.

A reference algorithm in the industry:

SMD patch material 2 feet for a point; 0402 components are calculated at RMB 0.015~0.025 per point.

1.      0603~1206 components are calculated at 0.01~0.02 RMB per point.

2.      Plug-in material 1 foot is 1 point, according to each point RMB 0.01~0.02 calculation.

3.      Socket material 4 feet for 1 point, according to each point RMB 0.01~0.02 calculation.

4.      The ordinary IC 4 feet are 1 point, calculated according to each point RMB 0.01~0.02.

5.      The dense foot IC 2 feet are 1 point, calculated according to each point RMB 0.01~0.02.

6.      BGA 2 feet for 1 point, according to each point RMB 0.01~0.02 calculation.

The above quotation is an estimated quotation, and the specific quotation is subject to the actual information. In addition, if the consumption does not meet the minimum consumption standards of the factory, the factory will charge the corresponding engineering fees.

DIP quotation section

The quotation of DIP processing is also calculated based on the unit price of solder joints, but the unit price of wave welding and hand welding will be different. Such as: DIP plug-in: 0.02 RMB/solder joint, hand welding 0.03 RMB/solder joint.

PCBA test section

The cost of PCBA testing is mainly: test labor cost + fixture + auxiliary materials

The cost of testing labor is about 40 RMB per hour, the cost of making test fixtures mainly depends on the market, the auxiliary materials are mainly oscilloscopes and computers and other equipment, and the PCBA test cost can be obtained by adding them.

Above is PCBA's estimated quotation, hope it will be helpful to you.

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