Micro via in HDI printed circuit board: a key technology for high density interconnection

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With the continuous development of electronic devices and increasing functions, the demand for PCB (printed circuit board) is also increasing. As a relatively new technology, HDI (high density interconnection) circuit board can meet the requirements of high speed, high performance and miniaturization. Among them, the micro via is an important part of the HDI circuit board, which plays a crucial role in the realization of high density interconnection.

一、Introduction of HDI printed circuit board

HDI printed circuit Board, short for High-density Interconnected Printed Circuit Board, refers to a technology that enables high-density circuit and high-speed signal transmission at a relatively small size. Compared with traditional multilayer printed circuit boards, HDI circuit boards have higher circuit density, better electrical performance and smaller size.


二、What is the function and application of blind and buried vias

1. Blind via:

Blind vias refer to holes on the PCB that have conductive holes on the surface only in one or more layers, but not through the entire thickness of the board. Through the use of blind via, electrical connections between different layers can be realized, effectively improving the circuit efficiency of the circuit board.

2. Buried via:

A buried via is when a metal or filler material is filled in the hole so that it is flush with the surface. Through the buried via technology, signal transmission and electrical connection between multiple layers can be realized in a compact space, which greatly improves the reliability and performance of the circuit board.

三、What is Micro via in PCB

Micro via is a very small diameter hole, usually less than 0.15 mm. It is widely used in HDI circuit boards to connect circuits between layers. The diameter and spacing of micro via determine the circuit density and performance of the circuit board.

四、What is the advantages and application of Microvia PCB

1. Advantage:

- Achieve high density interconnection: Micro via can realize the interconnection of multi-layer circuit boards in a relatively small area, improving the circuit density of the circuit board.

- Improve signal transmission performance: Micro via can reduce the signal transmission path, reduce signal attenuation, and improve signal stability and reliability.

- Improve product reliability: Through the use of micro via, the cross and interference of circuit on the circuit board can be reduced, reducing the probability of failure.

2. Application:

Microvia PCB is widely used in mobile phones, tablet computers, car electronics, medical equipment and other miniaturized, high-performance electronic products, to meet the needs of modern electronic equipment for high-speed interconnection and miniaturization.


Micro via in PCB is one of the key technologies for high density interconnection. Through the application of blind and buried vias, micro-through hole PCBs have obvious advantages in terms of circuit density, signal transmission performance and product reliability. With the continuous development of the electronics industry and the improvement of demand, micro via PCB will continue to play an important role in various fields and promote the continuous innovation and progress of electronic equipment.

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