Iron PCB

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Iron PCB

Iron PCB is a relatively rare metal circuit board, which is used in some special scenarios due to iron's good dimensional stability, heat dissipation, magnetic permeability, and acid and alkali resistance and moisture resistance. Generally, Iron PCB is divided into Ferrum based PCB and Stainless based PCB. These two different types of Iron PCBs have different applications, Ferrum based PCBs are generally used in brushless DC motors, laser printer motors, and Stainless based PCBs are used in subsea lighting or lighting used in some harsh environments.

Although Iron PCB is a relatively rare product, and SEEKPCB has the ability to produce IRON PCB, which enriches the customer's approach to PCB design to a certain extent. Of course, SEEKPCB can also be competent for other types of metal PCBs.Most importantly, SEEKPCB can provide the best metal circuit board solution to meet the technical, stability and cost challenges.

what are Iron PCB Materials?

Iron PCB is an insulated metal substrate, generally, most of the cold-rolled steel plates used in production belong to low-carbon steel, with a thickness of 1mm and 2.3mm, or phosphorus-containing iron-based thicknesses of 0.5mm, 0.8mm, and 1.0mm. 

Why Iron PCB?

The thermal conductivity of Iron PCB is 80 (W/mK), which is much lower than that of aluminum, so the use scenarios are relatively limited.

There are two main considerations when choosing Iron PCB, one is magnetic permeability, and the other is acid and alkali resistance.

Of course, dimensional stability is also an advantage of Iron PCB.

Aluminum PCBs are the most widely used, followed by copper PCBs.

How is copper metal Iron pcb made?

Iron PCB is manufactured using the same technology as Alminum PCB and is structurally similar. Most Iron PCBs are single-sided, so there is no great difficulty in production, and the design of the traces and pads will be relatively wide.

aluminium pcb board for led

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