What are the main types of PCBs used by Aerospace?

Because it involves high stability, especially in extreme environments, the reliability required by Aerospace PCB is almost the highest in the whole industry. From materials, to manufacturing process, and to assembly, special control is required. They may not be the most precise. Generally, the lines and holes are not too complex, but the consistency and stability required are not simple at all. From the main through-hole design, the number of layers is from double-sided to 60 layers. Generally, tin spraying process is adopted. In order to ensure the quality of welding, the requirements for through-hole are generally more than 30um. The materials are high-end FR4 to some high-frequency high-speed materials. This mainly depends on the actual application.

What are the applications of automotive electronic PCB?

Entertainment related: radio, CD, DVD, MP3, etc;
Related to safe driving: various lighting controls, such as side marker lamp, fog lamp, brake lamp, headlamp, high beam lamp, driving lamp, turn signal lamp, reading lamp, ABS control, EBD control, water temperature alarm, automatic locking system, etc;
Monitoring related: tire pressure monitoring and warning, water temperature monitoring, fuel quantity monitoring, engine speed monitoring, vehicle speed monitoring, etc;
Control switch: window control, rearview mirror control, etc
Related to road driving: GPS navigation system, reversing radar system, and automatic parking system.
Related to new energy vehicles: BMS, charging pile
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