HDI board and general pcb difference

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High density interconnect PCB (HDI) boards are generally manufactured by ceramic substrate method, and the more frequency of ceramic substrates, the higher the technical level of parts. Most of the general HDI boards are 1 time pressing, advanced HDI uses 2 or more ceramic substrate technology, and at the same time uses excellent PCB technology such as stacking holes, electroplating process filling holes, and laser immediately opening holes. When the relative density of the PCB increases beyond the 8layer board, the cost of manufacturing by HDI will be lower than that of the traditional complex pressing manufacturing. 

The mechanical strength and signal accuracy of HDI boards are higher than that of traditional PCBs. In addition, the HDI board has better improvements for microwave RF influence, radio wave influence, electrostatic induction release, heat conduction and so on. HDI technology PCB allows for miniaturization of end-device designs, while at the same time achieving more standardized electronic device characteristics and effects. 

The HDI board is pressed twice by the buried hole electroplating process, which is divided into first order, second order, third order, fourth order and fifth order. The first order is very simple, and HDI PCB manufacturing process is easy to manipulate. The first problem of the second order is the involution, and the second is the opening and copper plating. There are variety of second-order design, one is the separate parts of each stage, must be connected according to the power circuit inner layer connection, the method is equivalent to 2 first-order HDI. The second is that the 2 first-order holes coincide, the second order is completed according to the accumulation method, and the production and processing are similar to the 2 first-order, but there are many processing key points to be manipulated in particular, which is the above mentioned. The third is to immediately open a hole from the surface to the third layer(or N-2 layer), the processing technology is much different from the front, and the difficulty of opening the hole is also high.


At present, the HDI technology PCB selected by SeekPCB can make any layer HDI, with buried hole level 1-4, minimum diameter 0.076mm and laser via drilling. SeekPCB is one of the leading HDI manufactures in China.

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