HDI Manufacturing Process: An Innovative path from blind holes to laser holes

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The HDI (High Density Interconnected) circuit board is an indispensable key component in modern electronic devices, which uses advanced manufacturing processes to achieve high density wiring and high-speed signal transmission. In the HDI Manufacturing Process, pcb blind via fabrication process, laser via hole drilling, blind and buried via technology are the most important links.ZYNYM)765AXRQML8J70`X

一、What is PCB blind via fabrication process?

Blind hole manufacturing is an important step to realize the electrical connection of the inner layer of the multi-layer circuit board, and its fabrication process includes the following main steps:

1. Substrate preparation: Select the applicable substrate and lay it down.

2. Drilling: Using a mechanical or laser drilling machine to punch holes and form blind holes. These holes only penetrate the local layer, not the entire thickness of the plate.

3. Surface treatment: Blind holes are surfacing using chemical treatments to remove residues and enhance electrical conductivity.

4. Blocking: The surface of the blind hole is coated with blocking agent to prevent copper deposition in the blind hole during copper plating.

5. Copper plating: A thin layer of copper is plated on the surface of the blind hole by electroplating technology to form an electrical connection.

二、What is the application of laser drilling technology?

Laser drilling technology is an advanced manufacturing process used to create tiny and precise holes. In HDI boards, laser punching technology offers the following advantages:

1. High precision: Laser drilling can achieve very small apertures and spacing to meet the requirements of high-density wiring.

2. Flexibility: By controlling the parameters of the laser beam, drilling can be achieved on different materials and adapt to a variety of complex wiring needs.

3. No contact: there is no physical contact during the laser drilling process, reducing the impact of mechanical stress on the PCB and improving product reliability.

三、What is the relationship and application of blind and buried via technology?

Blind and buried via are common structural designs in HDI boards and are applied to wire connections between different layers. The relationship between them is as follows:

- Blind hole: Blind hole refers to a conductive hole on the surface only in one or more layers, and does not run through the entire plate thickness. Through the blind hole, the electrical connection between the multiple layers can be realized and the wiring efficiency can be improved.

- Buried hole: Buried hole refers to the metal or filler material filled in the hole so that it is flush with the surface. The buried hole technology can improve the reliability and performance of the PCB and reduce the risk of electrical connections.

The application of blind hole and buried hole technology in HDI circuit board manufacturing is mainly reflected in high density wiring, miniaturization design and signal transmission performance. Through reasonable blind hole and buried hole design, more complex and compact circuit layout can be realized to meet the continuous improvement of modern electronic equipment for high-speed and high-performance requirements.


The development of the HDI circuit board manufacturing process has undergone an innovative process from traditional blind hole manufacturing to laser drilling. The application of blind hole and buried hole technology in HDI circuit board has promoted the development of high density interconnection and high performance of electronic equipment. With the further evolution of technology, the HDI circuit board manufacturing process will continue to innovate, bringing more breakthroughs and development opportunities to the electronics industry.

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