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Three Layer Flexible Pcb Connectors

Layer: 3 
Thickness: 0.15mm 
Copper: 12um
Surface Treatment: Immersion Gold
Application: flexible pcb connectors
Highlights: Impedance Control 100OHM

Flexible PCB connectors are mainly used to replace traditional cables, with the advantages of small size and flexibility. Moreover, when the data to be transmitted is large and dense, traditional cables can be a significant burden.This three-layer FPC is a type of display cable. In order to ensure signal transmission, the impedance of the line is controlled accordingly. In addition, to prevent external signal interference, an electromagnetic film is used in the outer layer for protection. The general production process of three-layer FPC is the same as that of multi-layer FPC, except that there is no copper foil on one side during pressing.

What is the difference between flex PCB and FPC?

FPC and RIgid PCBs are two common types of PCBs in the electronics industry, playing different roles in design and manufacturing processes.

FPC is a flexible circuit board made of flexible materials such as polyester film, polytetrafluoroethylene film, etc. It is often used in applications that require bending and bending, such as in high-precision and lightweight electronic devices, watches, automotive bodies, and other fields. The advantage of flexible materials is that they can continue to function normally under bending or twisting, while also connecting multiple devices in a small area. They can withstand mechanical stress and their superior electrical performance makes them an ideal choice for high-frequency circuits.

RIgid PCB is a circuit board made of hard materials such as glass fiber reinforced resin. These types of boards are typically used for applications that require stronger and more robust performance, such as inside computers or in some mechanical and industrial products. Compared to FPC, the electrical performance of RIgid PCB is more stable and reliable, and it is less prone to deformation or damage. They will not affect their performance due to environmental changes and can be more suitable for high-density cabling.

Overall, FPC and Rigid PCB are two different types of circuit boards. Their characteristics and usage scenarios are different. Rigid PCBs are mainly used in industrial and mechanical fields, with stable and excellent performance, while flexible circuit boards are suitable for applications with bending and bending. If your circuit design needs to go through challenging applications or in designs with bends or irregularities, a flexible circuit board is a better choice. If it is in normal applications, a Rigid PCB is a more suitable choice for the same cost.

What are the design rules for flex PCB?

The design rules of FPC are a complex topic that can only be summarized for conventional FPC. If you need further understanding, you can contact SEEKPCB at any time. We are a professional flexible printed circuit board manufacturer that can help you achieve custom flexible PCBs.

The conventional FPC circuit board mainly serves as a connector, therefore, the design should roughly follow the following basic principles:

1. The thickness should be moderate, usually between 0.15mm and 0.2mm, which is optimal. It can balance the reliability and lifespan of the product while also reducing costs

2. For the design of the fpc circuit, try to follow a straight line and the shortest distance as much as possible, and since the overlay will be used in the later stage, it is necessary to avoid running the wire in the middle of the solder pad as much as possible, because the accuracy of the overlay is within+/-0.15mm-0.2mm, which can easily lead to overlay misalignment. 

3. For the via, please try to stay away from the area that needs to be bent as much as possible.

The rest are roughly the same as traditional PCBs, more attention needs to be paid to practicality and cost in design. As one of the famous flexible circuit board manufacturers, SEEKPCB has unique insights into the design and optimization of FPC, helping customers achieve reliable and low-cost FPC solutions. More importantly, SEEKPCB can help you shorten the design cycle and avoid many unnecessary detours.


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