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flexible aluminum pcb

This flexible aluminum pcb is made of 1100 Aluminum, It is used to achieve a 360-degree luminescence effect.

What is flexible aluminum pcb?

Flexible aluminum PCB is a kind of aluminum PCB that can be bent, which makes full use of the ductility of aluminum, so that flexible aluminum PCB can achieve the effect of bending to a certain extent.

Flexible aluminum PCBs are still mainly used in LED lighting.

How flexible aluminum pcb is made?

The manufacturing of Flexible aluminum PCB is roughly the same as that of ordinary aluminum PCB, except that Flexible aluminum PCB needs to undergo special treatment at the position that needs to be bent, which is generally achieved by V-cut process or special mold, and the V-cut process is only applicable to Flexible aluminum PCB that is bent in straight lines. The special mold process can realize the flexible aluminum PCB with complex shape bending.

You may be concerned about the assembly of Flexible aluminum PCB, how is it SMT? Generally speaking, the Flexible aluminum PCB produced by SEEKPCB is flat when it leaves the factory, and the assembly plant bends it after completing the SMT.

Is flexible aluminum pcb expensive?

Flexible aluminum PCB uses 1100 aluminium pcb sheet, this material is relatively cheap, as mentioned above, most of the manufacturing process is the same as ordinary aluminum PCB, but the bending will slightly increase the cost, so the cost of flexible aluminum PCB is not expensive.

The pros and cons of flexible aluminum pcb?

The simple advantage of Flexible Aluminum PCBs is that they can be bent to accommodate the multi-faceted light emitting of the structure of LED lighting products.

The disadvantage of flexible aluminum PCB is also obvious, that is, the aluminium pcb sheet is still metal in the end, and it cannot be bent many times, and this bending is basically one-time, and it will break if it is not operated properly.


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