ceramic substrate

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ceramic substrate

Where do we use Ceramic printed circuit board?

Ceramic pcb substrate commonly used in automotive control field, semiconductor power control field, power module field and communication field.

Specific application categories

一.  Automotive control field

The application of copper coated ceramic substrate to the electronic control system of new energy automotive products, it is a key component of electric vehicles, and its main components include system integration and software, chips and special devices, IGBT modules, vehicle sensors, electronic control modules and connectors, relays, etc. The IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) module is the "central nervous system" of the entire electronic control system and the core of the drive system, accounting for 40% to 50% of the total cost of the controller. Ceramic circuit board has the characteristics of good heat dissipation, high insulation, high mechanical strength, thermal expansion and chip matching, as well as the strong oxygen-free copper current carrying capacity, good welding and bonding performance, and high thermal conductivity. It is one of the key packaging materials of IGBT module. At present, the ceramic substrate is divided into alumina ceramic copper-covered plate, aluminum nitride ceramic copper-covered plate and silicon nitride ceramic copper-covered plate according to the different ceramic materials. The performance of the silicon nitride copper-covered substrate is better than that of other ceramic substrates. Its biggest feature is that it has unparalleled reliability. That is, it has the characteristics of high strength and high thermal conductivity of silicon nitride ceramics, combined with the active metal welding process and high reliability, making it the most promising material for high-voltage and high-power IGBT module packaging. Especially in the field of electric vehicles, which require higher reliability and miniaturization.



二. Semiconductor power control field

Semiconductor power devices (including LED, LD, IGBT, CPV, etc.) are used in semiconductor device products. With the continuous development of electronic technology, heat dissipation has become a key technology affecting the performance and reliability of devices. Electronic packaging is the key process of semiconductor device manufacturing, which directly affects the performance, reliability and cost of the device. The selection of appropriate packaging materials and processes and the improvement of device heat dissipation ability have become the technical bottleneck of the development of power devices. The packaging substrate used in high power devices must not only meet the role of electrical interconnection and mechanical load, but also have good heat dissipation performance. The coppered ceramic circuit board has excellent heat dissipation and its coefficient of thermal expansion (CET) matches the chip, which improves the reliability of the device. However, the ceramic itself is not conductive, and it needs to be metallized to meet the electrical interconnection requirements, in addition, the upper and lower surfaces of the substrate need to be interconnected through the through hole filling technology, so as to achieve three-dimensional packaging. Ceramic substrate prepared by metallization is an ideal choice for high temperature, high frequency and high power device packaging.


三. Power module field

Power electronics designers choose direct deposited copper (DBC) and active metal brazed (AMB) ceramic substrates as circuit materials for semiconductor bare chips in power modules because of their ability to dissipate semiconductor heat efficiently and extend the service life of the module. But process and production engineers should build these modules first, and they must carefully incorporate multiple components and connect them together to provide the required electrical, thermal, chemical, and mechanical functions.


四.Communication field

Whether IT is the data center or the telecommunications market, the continuous upgrading in the field of communication comes from the upgrading of the performance of the optical module, the electrical signal of the IT equipment is converted into an optical signal, the visible propagation speed is equivalent to the speed of light, and the signal is not affected. It means that the requirements for the high-frequency and high-speed performance of the optical module chip are very high, and the dielectric loss is very small, which can be almost ignored. In addition, the service life requirements of optical modules are relatively high, and semiconductor optical module devices with a working life of nearly one million hours (about 100 years) are generally required for commercial use, which requires very good air tightness, long service life, and can carry high power and high current for a long time. Among them, high power, high frequency, high current generation is the heat can be effectively distributed, and the thermal stress of the product is small enough to be negligible. The copper-covered ceramic substrate can be effectively applied to the optical module and meet the functional requirements of the optical module.


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