Analysis of cost of Rigid Flex PCB

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Analysis of cost of Rigid Flex PCB

As an innovative circuit board design, Rigid Flex PCB (soft and hard combined board) plays an important role in modern electronic equipment. However, its unique design and manufacturing process also makes it relatively expensive. This article will delve into the cost factors of Rigid Flex PCBS and discuss the key factors that affect the cost and the corresponding price strategy.

一、What is the influencing factors of Rigid Flex PCB cost

1. Material cost: The manufacture of Rigid Flex PCBS requires the use of a combination of flexible and rigid materials, the cost of both of which will have an impact on the total cost. Flexible materials are generally more expensive because they require bending, folding, and reliability properties.

2. Manufacturing process complexity: Compared with traditional Rigid circuit boards, Rigid Flex PCB manufacturing process is more complex, involving multiple steps and special process requirements. This may increase production time, equipment investment and labor costs.

3. Design complexity: Rigid Flex PCB design complexity is higher, because it needs to consider the wiring and signal transmission of the soft and hard parts. This may require more design resources and engineer time, increasing the design cost.

二、Rigid Flex PCB price strategy

1. Mass production: Mass production of Rigid Flex PCB can reduce the unit price, because it can make full use of materials and equipment, and improve production efficiency.

2. Fast turn: Fast delivery services often require additional resources and labor, which can have a certain impact on prices. If the project is tight on time, you may want to consider accepting a higher price in exchange for fast turn rigid flex pcb.

3. Supply chain management: Cooperating with reliable suppliers and establishing long-term cooperative relationships can obtain better purchasing prices and favorable terms.

三、Fast Turn Rigid Flex PCB price consideration

Rigid flex printed circuit boards with fast delivery times often require additional effort and resources to meet customers' pressing project needs. In this case, expedited production may result in additional costs, including overtime wages, expedited logistics, etc. Therefore, Rigid Flex PCBS with fast delivery times tend to have higher prices.


The cost of Rigid Flex printed circuit boards is influenced by a number of factors, and various factors need to be considered comprehensively when selecting suppliers and formulating pricing strategies. Through optimal design, reasonable management of the supply chain, mass production according to demand, etc., Rigid Flex PCB costs can be reduced, and the price and delivery time suitable for project needs can be obtained. In the future, with the development of technology and market, the cost and price of Rigid Flex PCB may be further optimized and adjusted.

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