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Aluminum Core Pcb

With Aluminum Core inside the Multilayer PCB to achieve double sided SMT. 

Aluminum core PCB and aluminum base PCB are both aluminium pcb boards, which belong to the category of metal pcb.

Generally, people will confuse them, to be precise, Metal PCB refers to the structure of the PCB with Metal, this metal is mainly related to heat dissipation and enhance the structural strength, aluminium pcb board refers to the metal is aluminium PCB, this should be well understood. So how to distinguish between Aluminum core PCB and Aluminum base PCB? Aluminum core PCB generally refers to Aluminum in the middle of the PCB stackup, while Aluminum base PCB is Aluminum on one side of the PCB.

So, why use Aluminum Core PCBs?  What are the advantages and disadvantages of Aluminum Core PCB? What is the manufacturing process like for Aluminum Core PCBs? Is the cost of Aluminum Core PCB very high?

SEEKPCB has rich experience in aluminum PCB prototyping & manufacturing, and SEEKPCB will answer all of the above questions for you.

Why Use Aluminum Core PCB?

When the traditional PCB encounters the problem of heat dissipation and cannot be solved, the use of metal to increase heat dissipation has become an option, but metal is a double-edged sword in the structure of the PCB, Metal PCB is also called ims circuit board, ims is the abbreviation of insulated metal substrate, insulation is naturally the key to Metal PCB, because Metal itself is conductive, Therefore, it is necessary to isolate it from the circuit layer through the insulation layer, and this insulation layer is generally made of thermal conductive resin, that is, this insulation layer is also a thermal conductive layer, but the thickness of the insulation layer is proportional to the insulation voltage, and it is indeed inversely proportional to the thermal conductivity, so how to balance the pros and cons in the design is the key to Metal PCB.

At present, the mainstream metal PCBs mainly include aluminum PCB and copper PCB, and Iron PCB is also used in rare cases.

Aluminum core PCB is a type of Aluminum PCB, and its aluminum is in the middle of the stack. Aluminum core PCB is mainly used in some products and equipment with light heat dissipation requirements, because its heat dissipation area is not very large, only distributed on the cross-section of the PCB, so the heat dissipation effect is not as good as Aluminum base PCB, but it is better than the traditional PCB.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Aluminum Core PCB?

The advantage of Aluminum core PCB is that it has a certain ability to dissipate heat, can achieve double-sided SMT, and has high structural strength.

Because Aluminum is in the middle of the PCB stackup, Aluminum core PCBs are not prone to bending.

The disadvantages of Aluminum core PCB are mainly its high manufacturing cost, complex production process, and long production cycle.

How Aluminum Core PCB is made?

The manufacturing difficulty of aluminum core PCB is mainly the isolation of Via and Aluminum, so how to achieve isolation?

Generally speaking, if you drill a hole on the Aluminum first, the hole diameter will be 0.5mm larger than the hole diameter of the Via, that is, if the actual VIA hole diameter is 0.3mm, the hole diameter of this pre-drilled hole is 0.8mm, which actually greatly limits the density of the Aluminum core PCB Layout.

Once the pre-drilled holes are completed, the holes are filled with resin, so that the VIA can be insulated with Aluminum, and the next step is lamination, which is similar to the production process of multilayer PCBs.

Is Aluminum Core PCB expensive?

Relatively speaking, aluminum core PCB is a relatively expensive solution, which will be more than 3-4 times more expensive than ordinary aluminum PCB, mainly because aluminum core PCB has several more processes in the production process, especially resin plugging holes and pressing, which has a greater impact on the cost.

Therefore, the cost of aluminum core PCB is a consideration that cannot be ignored.


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