Material of single layer printed circuit board

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1.     What is a single layer printed circuit board?

Single layer board (single sided pcb board) is on the basic PCB, the parts are concentrated on one side, the circuit is concentrated on the other side (there are patch components and circuits on the same side, plug-in devices on the other side). Because the circuit only appears on one side, this PCB is called single sided pcb board.

2.     What is the usage of a single layer board?

Single pcb because the circuit is relatively simple, low cost, wide use, suitable for some price sensitive, performance requirements are not high products, such as: electronic clock, calculator, LED lights, remote control and so on.

3.     What is the material of the single pcb?

Single layer printed circuit board, commonly used materials are: aluminum substrate, FR4 glass fiber board, 22F half glass fiber board, CEM-3 material, 94V0 flame retardant board, 94HB cardboard.

1) Aluminum substrate is a kind of metal based copper-clad board with good heat dissipation function, the general single pcb is composed of three layers of structure, respectively, circuit layer (copper foil), insulation layer and metal base.


2) FR-4 glass fiber board, also known as epoxy glass fiber cloth substrate, is a kind of substrate with epoxy resin as binder and electronic grade glass fiber cloth as reinforcement material. 


3)  22F half glass fiber board, belongs to epoxy glass cloth paper based board, material structure and CEM-1 board, are half glass fiber board (board surface is glass fiber cloth, the middle is wood pulp paper), can be used for punching, comprehensive performance ratio.


4) CEM-3 is formed by the solidification of glass cloth semi-cured sheet and glass fiber paper semi-cured sheet laminated copper foil, which are composite substrates, and their properties are also different due to the different types of substrates used.


5) 94V0: flame retardant cardboard, also known as flame retardant board. The flammability of the material, also known as flame retardant, self-extinguishing fire resistance, flame retardant fire resistance, flammability and other flammability is to assess the ability of the material to resist combustion.


6) 94HB: ordinary cardboard, not fireproof, is a common type of substrate for the production of single layer board, is one of the most common non-flame retardant cardboard materials, basically used to make low-grade single panel, cheap. Because it does not have a flame retardant effect, it cannot be used for a series of products with fire protection requirements such as power supplies.


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