MSAP technology: Application of improved semi-additive process in PCB manufacturing

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MSAP (Modified Semi Additive Process) has a wide range of applications in the field of printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing. We will detail the definition, characteristics, and applications of the MSAP process in different fields, explore its potential in the production of ICs (integrated circuits), and mention relevant IC substrate manufacturers.

What is the definition and characteristics of MSMP pcb process?

The MSAP process is an improved semi-additive process with the following main features:

1. Manufacturing savings: Compared to traditional full-addition processes, MSAP can significantly reduce material and energy consumption and reduce manufacturing costs.

2. High precision: MSAP technology uses advanced lithography and graphical processing methods to achieve higher line resolution and more accurate pattern formation.

3. Multilayer Stacking: MSAP processes support multilayer printing, enabling complex circuit design and high density wiring in a relatively small area.

Application of MSAP pcb processes

MSAP pcb technology is widely used in many application, including but not limited to the following:

1. Communication equipment: As a core component of the printed circuit board, through the use of MSAP technology can meet the needs of high-speed communication equipment for high-density circuit and long-distance transmission.

2. Automotive electronics: The automotive electronics field has high requirements for the reliability and high-density interconnection of circuit boards, and the MSAP process can be used to produce in-vehicle entertainment systems, driver assistance systems, and so on.

3. Industrial Control and Automation: In industrial control and automation, MSAP processes can be used to manufacture reliable, high-density wired circuit boards to meet the requirements of complex equipment.

4. Medical devices: MSAP technology can be used to manufacture circuit boards in medical devices to achieve high precision, stability and reliability.

Potential of MSAP technology in IC production

MSAP pcb technology has great potential in IC production, and it can be used to produce various types of ICS, including analog ics, digital ics, and hybrid ics. By combining MSAP with other advanced manufacturing technologies, such as high density interconnection (HDI), smaller ics and higher performance can be achieved.

IC substrate manufacturer

Several well-known IC substrate manufacturers have invested in and adopted MSAP pcb technology to provide high-quality printed circuit boards. Seekpcb has rich experience and technical strength in MSAP PCB manufacturing.


As an MSMP modified semi additive process, this technology has a wide application prospect in PCB manufacturing. It provides high-precision, high-density interconnect circuit board solutions by improving processes and reducing manufacturing costs. With the growing demand for IC production, MSAP technology has great potential in the production of various types of ICS. At the same time, IC substrate manufacturers are also actively introducing MSAP technology to meet market demand and promote industry development.

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