HDI PCB board buried via technology: the key manufacturing process of high density interconnection

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HDI (High Density Interconnect) circuit board is an indispensable part of modern electronic equipment, its high density circuit and complex functions make it an important solution to meet the needs of modern technology. In the manufacturing process of HDI PCB board, the buried via technology as a key process can realize more circuit connection. We will explore the importance of HDI board buried via technology, HDI PCB supplier selection, and the advantages of HDI high density interconnection.

一、What is the importance of HDI PCB board buried via technology?

The design and manufacture of HDI boards requires handling a large number of circuits and connection points while meeting compact size requirements. In this case, the buried via technology becomes an effective method to connect the inner layer circuit and the outer layer circuit. By filling the hole with conductive material that penetrates the entire circuit board, the buried via enables signal transmission between the inner and outer layers and provides a more stable and reliable circuit connection. Buried via PCB provides greater freedom in the design and manufacture of HDI boards, while reducing the number of layers and size of the boards.


二、How to select the right HDI PCB supplier?

In order to obtain high quality HDI boards, it is crucial to choose the right supplier. A reliable HDI PCB supplier should have the following characteristics:

1. Production capacity: there is enough technology and production capacity to meet the different sizes and needs of customers.

2. Technical strength: Master advanced buried via technology and other HDI circuit board manufacturing process, can provide high quality products.

3. Quality management: Strict quality control system to ensure that products meet industry standards and customer requirements.

三、What are the advantages of HDI high density interconnection?

HDI circuit boards bring many advantages to modern electronic devices through high-density interconnection technologies such as buried via:

1. High density circuit: HDI boards can achieve more circuits and connection points in a smaller size, improving the integration and performance of the circuit.

2. Signal integrity: The buried via technology can achieve more stable and reliable signal transmission between the inner and outer layers, improving signal integrity and circuit performance.

3. Size optimization: HDI boards can achieve a more compact design by reducing the number of layers and size, providing greater freedom for electronic devices.


As the key technology of HDI high density interconnection, HDI circuit board buried via technology provides an important solution for modern high performance electronic equipment. By choosing the right HDI PCB supplier, high quality HDI boards can be obtained to meet the application needs of different fields. In the future, with the further development of technology, HDI circuit boards will continue to play an important role in the field of high-density interconnection, promoting the innovation and development of electronic devices. Seekpcb is a leading HDI PCB board manufacturer in China and has been engaged in PCB manufacturing for nearly 20 years. We have a strong HDI PCB manufacturing team and equipment, our team of experts to provide quality service for customers from various industries!

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