Copper PCB

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Copper PCB

The thermal conductivity of copper is as high as 386.4w/(m.k), which is an excellent thermal conductive material, and its performance is much higher than that of aluminum, and it has an absolute advantage in heat dissipation.

In some products with extremely high requirements for heat dissipation, when the aluminum substrate cannot be satisfied, the copper PCB naturally becomes a better choice.

SEEKPCB is a reliable copper PCB manufacturer that manufactures copper substrates for thermoelectric separation technology, and we have a wide range of copper and thermally conductive adhesives to provide quick turn copper PCB prototype service. 

What is copper PCB?

Copper PCB is a kind of metal pcb board with copper plate as the substrate, its structure is consistent with aluminum substrate, and can be divided into copper base pcb and copper core pcb.

Copper base pcb is a copper PCB with copper plate on bottom side. It is the most common copper PCB. The most common copper base PCB is a single-sided structure, which has the best heat dissipation effect, and the copper base PCB above double-sided is rarely used because of its unsatisfactory heat dissipation effect.

Copper core pcb is a copper PCB with copper palte in the middle, more like a Sandwiches structure. Similarly, because the heat dissipation effect is limited by the thermal conductive resin, and the processing is too difficult and the cost is too high, it is rarely used.

The most commonly used single-sided copper PCB structures

The copper plate and the copper foil are adhered to each side of the single-sided copper PCB through thermal conductive resin, and the copper foil surface is used to make the circuit and the copper plate surface is used to conduct heat.The thermally conductive resin also acts as an insulator. 

However, because the thermal conductivity of this layer of thermal conductive adhesive is negligible compared to copper, it cannot maximize the heat dissipation advantages of copper plates. Conventional copper substrate construction (left image below) is not an ideal solution for heat dissipation, and copper substrates made using a thermoelectric separation process are more popular (right image below). This structure allows the bottom of the heat dissipation device to directly contact the copper plate, and it is conceivable that the heat dissipation effect is particularly good.


Copper PCB 1

Copper PCB without BUMP

Copper PCB 2

Copper PCB with BUMPs

What is the difference between copper and aluminum PCB?

The difference between copper PCBs and aluminum PCBs is mainly in thermal conductivity, manufacturing difficulty and cost.

Thermal Conductivity:Copper has a thermal conductivity of 386.4W/(M.K), while aluminum's is only about 200W/(M.K), so it is clear that Copper PCBs have better heat dissipation capabilities.

However, it needs to be noted that this refers to the copper PCB using thermoelectric separation technology, otherwise the gap will not be particularly obvious because of the limitation of thermal conductive adhesive.

Manufacturing Difficulty: Copper PCB is more difficult to process than aluminum PCB, mainly in CNC, because the hardness of copper is greater than that of aluminum.

Cost: The cost of copper PCBs is much higher than that of aluminum PCBs, mainly because of the high cost of copper, and single-sided copper PCBs are more than 10 times more expensive than single-sided aluminum PCBs when using the same thermally conductive adhesive.

What are Copper PCBs used for?

Because of its excellent heat dissipation performance, copper PCBs are mainly used in products with extremely high heat dissipation requirements, such as stage lights, projectors, and automotive headlights.

Stage lighting copper pcb

Stage lighting copper pcb

Projector copper PCB

Projector copper PCB

Car headlights copper pcbCar headlights copper pcb

How is copper metal core pcb made?

Therefore, at the beginning, the copper plate needs to be selectively etched to form a bump, and then pressed with the copper foil through the thermally conductive adhesive after selective hollowing, and the subsequent process is the same as that of an ordinary PCB.

aluminium pcb board for led

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